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1) The fine art of having a conversation with someone you would like to ignore.

2) Ignoring someone who is trying to have a conversation with you.
I had a painfully awkward ignoresation with that girl from last night when I ran in to her at the store today.
by Bearcat40 August 30, 2009

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The typing of text (SMS) messages, esp. on a standard numerical keypad, using only the index finger of one hand. Is a relatively slow method for typing text messages and almost always requires that the cell phone be held in the opposite hand. Common among older cell phone users and possibly a cellular offshoot of the "Hunt-and-Peck" typing method.
Riding with my dad is scary enough, it's even worse when he starts indexting.
by Bearcat40 August 14, 2009

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1) To actively think about words, esp. the way in which they are added to the lexicon.

2) To actively attempt to create a word or to drastically alter the definition of a word and inject it into the lexicon artificially.
The writers of Battlestar Gallactica were highly successful when they lexicogitated "Frack" for use on their show.
by Bearcat40 August 14, 2009

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1) The World of Facebook.

2) The subculture of Facebook users considered as a whole.

3a) An individual Facebook user's circle of Facebook friends, friends of friends, etc. The size limited only by how many Facebookers can see that idividual's Facebook profile.

3b) One's personal social network on Facebook.

Note: Often preceded by "the."
Status update: Aaron Aaronson is thinking about buying a car. Does the FaceWorld have any suggestions?

Dude, my FaceWorld is filled with Farmvillians!
You know you can hide that crap on your news feed, right?
What?! Dude, you just saved my life!
Yeah... that's... great.
by Bearcat40 June 22, 2010

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1) to do something automatically, without thinking, because you are an idiot.

2) to do something quickly and appear to be an idiot because you didn't think beforehand. Possible when reacting by reflex or when startled.

3) (archaic) to use a catch-phrase or cliche in a really stupid way because you are an idiot. Similar to "idiomatically," but with a lower IQ.
1) Hey, good job, moron, you idiotimatically left the cardboard under the this frozen pizza when you put it in the oven.

2) So Joe jumped out from behind those bushes last night and scared the crap out of me; I idiotimatically tried to hit him with the half-empty case of beer I was carrying, scattered beer cans all over the street.

3) "That's what she said."
by Bearcat40 November 22, 2009

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