5 definitions by BearEggs

The last piece of steak no-one will eat
We went to sizzlers last night and my buddy spilled juice on the steak. Now uts an Amsterdam Potato
by BearEggs November 20, 2018
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When you’re at an event of sorts and you have a rockin’ boner. The only thing is you cannot masturbate
I was at the movies with my girl and I had to bone stifle Mrs. incredible

by BearEggs November 20, 2018
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When a man fucks a woman at such a fast rate her cooch becomes a flaming hot pouch. Just like a hot pocket
Person1: I heard Axel gave Bethany a hot pocket
Person2: Well yeah No Nut November just ended
by BearEggs December 26, 2018
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Person1: I heard thomas snuck into bryants house and gave him a cushion squish
Person2: Prolly took him a month to get rid of the smell
by BearEggs December 1, 2018
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When you’re takin a shit in a stall with a faulty lock
by BearEggs November 22, 2018
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