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Someone who follows closly behind your car even though you are traveling at a resonable speed in an unfamiliar area. Usually on winding backroads where their knowledge of the roads allow them to drive at high speed.
"I was trying to find the party when a local racer started riding my ass"
by Beanoh June 18, 2005

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A move used during sex in which after ejaculation you wipe up the cum with your hands and use it to spike your hair. This move is used in the movie There's Something About Mary.
"I came on her back in great threads of man milk and before she could reach the towel I pulled the ice man. She looked at me with a combination of disgust and admiration."
by Beanoh September 09, 2006

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1.To become highly intoxicated on multipul drugs and alcohol.Usually
mixing various drugs and alcohol in a risky fashion as if one were Keith Richards.
1.It was my birthday so i got rockstar at the bar last night.
by Beanoh June 17, 2005

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