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The best summer! You’ll have the tannest skin you’ve ever had, the clearest skin you’ve ever had, the brightest sun you’ve ever seen! You won’t want it to end just because it means school’s starting! Everything will click into place! It’ll be the summer you’ll never forget!!!
I don’t want summer 2019 to end!
by Beano Reanooooooo March 07, 2019

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When you arent happy this word is often used. You can always tell that if someone says ok they are not ok. Just see for yourself: br(ok)en
Oh no, it’s fine, I’m ok.
by Beano Reanooooooo April 23, 2019

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What literally everyone uses as an excuse when anything is wrong
Shaniqua: Hey Lucy, why are you limping!?
Lucy: Oh, it’s just allergies!
by Beano Reanooooooo April 27, 2019

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Over dramatic girl syndrome
Ola: I have to wear my knee brace, I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome!
by Beano Reanooooooo September 16, 2019

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