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I fk means I Fucking Know
Person #1- Dude, you need to pay me back
Person #2- I fk
by Barnhart December 10, 2005
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56gay is the equivilent to 56k. You use it to symbolize that someones internet sucks.
Me: "I just downloaded this game demo you should download it"
Friend: "I can't I only have 56k it would take forever"
Me: " haha you have 56gay"
by Barnhart October 25, 2005
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This is when somthing goes wrong with a PSP such as..

OMG I have a dead pixel... PSPWNED
OMG I lost my PSP......... PSPWNED
by Barnhart November 03, 2005
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tbh means: that bitch humper
tbh tanya had sex so many times this month
by barnhart April 05, 2005
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