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A high school outside of Denver, Colorado. Just a perfectly normal, stereotypical high school, until a couple of sickos shot up the place. The death toll stood at thirteen, but if you count Dylan & Eric, the shooters, it came to fifteen.

See also: Columbine, school shooting.
It's a good thing Dylan and Eric's duffel bag bombs didn't detonate, or the Columbine High School library would've fallen into the cafeteria, killing hundreds.
by Baraldo.Jefferson February 13, 2007

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Openings in a building. Usually glass, in most modern homes. Frequently used for ventilation, aesthetics, and defenestration.
Damn, those mothafuckas got thrown out the window.

I hope my new house has plenty of windows.
by Baraldo.Jefferson January 23, 2007

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Refers to bands which sound good until budding fans discover their whiny homosexuality.
I really loved AFI until I saw how emo they were. I guess they're just plain gayfi.
by Baraldo.Jefferson April 07, 2007

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CP slang for a young boy's penis.
Pervert: I'd love to put some asparagus in my mouth RIGHT NOW.
Kid: My mommy has some in the freezer...
Pervert: I meant YOUR asparagus, sweetcheeks!
by Baraldo.Jefferson June 01, 2007

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