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To defaecate, usually making a curly shaped faeces.
On a Sunday morning I love to curl one out whilst reading the papers.
by BanusAnimal July 26, 2008
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Generic Spanish derogatory term, loosely translated as dickhead or douchebag. The literal meaning comes from the word to get dirty which has been convoluted to mean you have caught a sexually transmitted disease, probably off a dirty puta.
Person A: Jose is such a lazy pringao.
Person B: Si, es un cabron tambien
by BanusAnimal May 10, 2011
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A low class, uneducated, black person whose normal behaviour involves rape, theft, violence, and drug dealing. Bliggers will usually wear trousers that are too big, baseball caps and speak in an unintelligent manner. The word is a portmanteau of BLack nIGGER.
Since it is unjustified to label people by the colour of their skin, the use of the word nigger to describe a less evolved, criminally minded, smelly, black africans has become unacceptable. This is due to the small but significant number of sub saharan africans who are respectable, law abiding citizens who contribute towards society.

However there is a need for a word that describes unruly, uneducated, criminally minded less evolved humans. For white people who behave in such a manner, we have the word WIGGER. (White nIGGER). For black people who behave in such a manner we will therefore use the term BLIGGER. Bliggers usually refer to fellow bliggers as niggas or my nigga. They also love listening to rap music and they lust after fat, low class, trailer trash white whores who they refer to as "phat bitches" or "hoes". Bliggers are generally rude, racist, lazy and stupid. Bliggers can be very dangerous and are best avoided. Most professional black people also hate bliggers.
I am sick to death of watching bliggers, looting, raping, killing, begging, and generally being workshy porch monkeys. I say send them all back to Africa and let Robert Mugabe be the Chief Bligger.
by BanusAnimal October 28, 2012
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