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A drunken form of foosball, with many rules, slaps, and even debauchery depending on your level of intoxication and character or lack-there-of.

It's no beer pong, Thank God.

Requirements: 4 peoples, A shit load of booze, a regulation foosball table.
Tom: Let's get fucking plastered tonight.

Dick: I'd rather live up to my name and just play foosball.

Harry: Now, with this definition written, it's possible to do both with boosball! *thumbs up*
by BangN September 29, 2007

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A term meant to explain one's psychedelic love, admiration, and all-around awesomeness of what was, what is, and what has yet come to pass.

-I'm wxcited about the boosball tourney this weekend!!!

by BangN September 29, 2007

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