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She's the most beautiful girl you'll ever see and her smile is bright enough to make your whole day. Although she doesn't react much to anything, she's the type of girl you wanna do everything in your power to make smile. Despite her unusual name her personality is somewhat warm and comforting. From her long, flowing, brunette locks to her petite and beautiful hands, this girl is the best you'll find for a long time.
"Look at Anascie over there, I wanna marry her someday."

Guy 1: "I really wanna find myself an Anascie one day, I'd leave my wife for her."
Guy 2: "Bro, Anascie's way out of your league."
by BananaAss34 December 1, 2021
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a fat crazy bitch with an insatiable hunger for children and their bikes. A Murgatroyd will almost always carry a chain with them just in case the opportunity to steal a child. Murgatroyds are attracted to fat Italian men so beware!
holy f*ucking sh*it a thats a Murgatroyd run for your life
by BananaAss34 May 8, 2020
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a sexy as shit grass variant that you will be so drawn to you will try and make love to and fertilise. it will then use it's super magnum cock to fuck you back.
person 1: "i banged that sexy block of podzol and now my vagina is torn"
person 2: "that sounds so hot"
by BananaAss34 November 7, 2020
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a violent blowjob from a gay indian street trader with red hair and anime eyes. a woopie roopie often results in amputation of the penis and several tapeworms molesting you for the next year and a half. when giving a woopie roopie one must remember to do explosive diarrhoea or it will be a fail
hey man i just got a woopie roopie from Muhammad last night, it was fierce
by BananaAss34 May 6, 2020
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a fat Polynesian queer who licks his own asscrack while doing school work
by BananaAss34 May 5, 2020
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