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An activity a fuckboy proposes when he has a Netflix subscription, although it may mean actually watching a movie and generally hanging, more severe fuckboys are actually suggesting some form of sexual intimacy

For him, popcorn is not the only thing on the menu.
I'm free tonight for some Netflix & chill if you want to come over...

I'm skint at the moment; so instead of Netflix & chill, it's going to have to be youtube & chill.

He proposed Netflix & chill night the little fuckboy.
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by BallsofGlitter November 02, 2015

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He's CUTE but he's lost. He has crushes on people for weird reasons (their hair). He is 50% of a pair of twins. He's the shy one. He's the good guy in a superhero movie. He's THE SHIT.

You will never see him with his hands NOT in his pockets (making sure something is still there).

He compliments himself everyday in the mirror before school because he doesn't know how beautiful he is.
"Ishaque is really BALLSHAQUE"

"Ishaque is ballshaquewithnoballs"

"Damnnn Daniel. Ishaque has better style"

"Ishaque is fully gassed like a train now that he's read this"

"Ishaque is a gentleman"

"Ishaque likes Chinese girls"

"I gave Ishaque his taste in music"

"Ishaque is also known as Chink"

"LEAF me alone Ishaque"
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by BallsofGlitter April 11, 2017

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She is not just a woman, she's a LADY, a legacy devised by her former escapades. She is what every mother wishes her daughter will grow up to be, she is the resilience we lack, the beauty we covet and the magnanimity we desiderate. She is eccentric, quirky, blunt and broken. Sometimes her days are dark and her nights interminable. She stumbles over her insecurities like they are potholes on an extensive road with no intelligible road signs. She loves hard, with all that she is. She is worth loving.

She understands that until one is broken, they do not know what they are made of. She understands how 'wasted time cannot be recycled'. She understands that her ego is not her amigo. She understands how the weakest eat lies when their hearts are hungry. She understands that the worst distance between two people is misunderstanding. She doesn't need to be saved, she needs to be found and appreciated for who she is. She has endured, she has been broken, she has known hardship and she has lost herself. Yet here she stands, moving forward and growing stronger each day. She could never forget the harsh lessons in life; they made her stronger.

You are so used to your features, you can't comprehend how beautiful you look to a stranger. Your flaws are indefectible for the heart destined to love you. If it was meant for you, you won't have to beg for it; You will never have to sacrifice your dignity for your destiny.

Guide yourself, no one else knows what your soul needs.
You're inviolable. You are Menamara.

"Hey look at that gorgeous woman MENAMARA. She has glitter pouring from her ears, her brain is so glamorous."
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by BallsofGlitter November 10, 2016

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