He's CUTE but he's lost. He has crushes on people for weird reasons (their hair). He is 50% of a pair of twins. He's the shy one. He's the good guy in a superhero movie. He's THE SHIT.

You will never see him with his hands NOT in his pockets (making sure something is still there).

He compliments himself everyday in the mirror before school because he doesn't know how beautiful he is.
"Ishaque is really BALLSHAQUE"

"Ishaque is ballshaquewithnoballs"

"Damnnn Daniel. Ishaque has better style"

"Ishaque is fully gassed like a train now that he's read this"

"Ishaque is a gentleman"

"Ishaque likes Chinese girls"

"I gave Ishaque his taste in music"

"Ishaque is also known as Chink"

"LEAF me alone Ishaque"
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by BallsofGlitter April 11, 2017
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