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A roofagra is a cocktail mix of rohypnol (Roofies) and viagra. It is mixed in a drink and used to make a man pass out. With the viagra added, he is unconscious with a boner that a woman can fuck. This creative mixture makes it possible for a woman to date rape a man. Especially when the woman wants the guy, but can't get him. You know the one I'm talking about; the crazy and often suicidal woman who talks to you at work every time you get off your chair to get a drink of water. She is usually ugly, once divorced and has a strong desire for sex after she ran out of patience with masturbation. In reality, she is dangerous and all the dildos in her S&M closet will not satisfy her urge to fuck you. When she calls you constantly even after the police have been called, it's time to throw away your booze and NEVER leave a drink away from your peripheral vision because she will give you a roofagra.
Jake woke up with a bad taste in his mouth, but felt fresh in the morning, seeing he didn't have enough to drink, he is in an unfamiliar bed and has a butthole that hasn't been stretched, he knew his drink was laced with roofagra.
by Baldr57 June 04, 2010

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A sex act where a wealthy man urinates on a poor worker, claiming that it's good for him.
Trickle Down Economics greatly benefits the poor and my bladder.
by Baldr57 May 29, 2018

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The act of a political party causing harm to their country and use that pain to force the opposition to comply. This is different from political suicide which compromises a chance of maintaining power. A suicide caucus is often a last ditch effort.
John Boehner fucking with the debt ceiling is a prime example of a suicide caucus.
by Baldr57 October 08, 2013

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A Cunto Kinte is a black woman with a stereotypical black woman attitude. She is mean, doesn't take shit from anyone and wears the pants in the relationship.
Jack: Dude. I dated this black woman and she was an absolute bitch.

Jeff: Oh so she was a Cunto Kinte?
by Baldr57 January 09, 2011

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A person who is so addicted to alcohol, that they require alcohol in order to perform simple day to day tasks. This is different from a functional alcoholic, which is someone who can function without drinking and is merely an insufferable fuckwad when they haven't had a drink in a while.
Did you hear about Dave? He's turned into a dysfunctional alcoholic and his house is being reposessed.
by Baldr57 August 10, 2020

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