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1)A horrifying vision
2)A terrible nightmare
Gothika is a movie
by Bada bing November 16, 2003

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a moniker for legendary DC pimp John D. Thomas.

"Working that game like my name's Blackmaster.. I finese that ass..I'm stirring that jo'nt up like a hot pot of grits... I hits.. my groove faster.."
by Bada Bing October 31, 2003

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Adj. Derrogitory term for a white person of cracker. To convey the lameness of a white person. A suck up or brown nose.
See that bitch in his khakis, he's such a kurtz.
by Bada Bing May 26, 2004

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Slang term from the 1920's meaning a lady's man. But is now used for men who enjoy the butt sex.

So, really it can go both ways, but it definately means a man-whore.
"He's a slutty, cake eater."
by Bada Bing April 07, 2004

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