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Someone who does themselves no favours what so ever. They do not care how they affect other people and just try to fuck up everybodys way of living. Someone who performs a ruthless and inconsiderate act thus making them a cunt.
John: I can't believe the ref sent Rooney off, Dave!
Dave: Yeah I know John! He was being a Grade A cunt! Wasn't he John?
John: Yes he was Dave!
by BRIAN KID August 25, 2006
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JCRY is a faternity like assosiation founded by two members of the youth community. Starting out as just a website, it proved to be popular and gained attention. JCRY is a symbol of unity and an unbreakable bond in which two people can take on anyone with this connection.
Together, JCRY weighed those assasins
by BRIAN KID August 25, 2006
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When you are going doggy-style on a girl, you give her a donkey punch. Then, while she is stunned, you reach into her anus and pull out her large intestine, string it around her neck, and strangle her to the point of passing out. Her passing out causes a tightening of the vaginal canal and a pleasurable sensation.
i gave that bitch the metamucil last night. her mum walked in so i donkey-punched her and gave her the metamucil aswel.
by BRIAN KID July 07, 2006
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Often used to conclude a conversation, whether it be text message, myspace comment, phone call or real life conversations.

The word rope can be used in replace of othe conversation finishers such as later on, goodbye, safe etc.

The term was first used by one Alejandro Nunez of Crusty Treats fame, in a text message, saying:
"skeen skeen this is my new skeen rope x"

From here, the word rope was taken out of context to conclude conversations. It is hoped to become a global phenomena.
Lara: I've got to go now beautiful
Ryan: Okay, see you in college, rope
Lara: Rope
by BRIAN KID November 28, 2007
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A term used in replace of 'kid'. Often used as an attatchment to somebody's tag.
BRYNER KIZZLE is a raw graffiti artist
by BRIAN KID July 06, 2006
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