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A fashion show for chickens
I loved the clothes tried on at the chicken fashion show
by B-dones April 25, 2014

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The act of two or more legally consenting adult males combining recently ejacualted semen, mixing it together, and consuming this tasty concoction.
"My Friday night was pretty chill, just invited a few buddies over and shared a delicious cum gumbo
by B-dones August 30, 2018

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2 or more men set off on a competition to see which man ejaculates first. The contest measures the following: amount of ejaculate, quality of the specimen, and naturally, smell. similar to boxing regulations, there are many variations of the rules and often has no clear cut winner, but unlike boxing, everyone wins in the end.
your loads are pathetic, I challenge you to a jerk-off !
by B-dones September 16, 2018

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A flaming homosexual of any race.
A Brazillian Cowboy is a prime candidate to contract AIDS.
by B-dones May 09, 2019

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