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When someone works a steady job with 2 consecutive days off that are not Saturday & Sunday, the last of the five work days is often refered to by them as "My Friday".
"I'm heading to the coast for a couple days after work on Monday 'cuz thats "My Friday".
by kevo92262 April 21, 2009
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A come-back line in a conversation when someone complains or tells you something they're struggling with.
Karen: I'm not looking forward to going to the doctor. He always asks me to take my top off and his hands are always cold!
Justin: Sounds like my Friday night!

slmfn can also be used.
by jdpitt13 December 17, 2013
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An affectionate name for your female acquaintance when she is in a good mood. Referencing the day of the week, Friday, which is, by school children and business people, known as the start of a weekend; thus Friday would reference a start to something positive.
My girl Friday and I went to the movies last weekend and she was pretty psyched to see that new "Snakes on a Plane."
by MyGirlFriday August 21, 2006
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The last day of a work week or rotation. A poor excuse for lazy people to do nothing, leave early and still get paid. Generally used by people with no work ethic, no motivation, and no self worth.
I'm not doing any of that, it's my friday.
by Thatguyfromu2 January 27, 2022
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