3 definitions by Awol

To speak elitely.
Rollin on dubs!11!
L13K 0MFGZ T4HT"5 50 FUNNY~!@!1!!1!
I'M 50 1337 17 hu1275!1!
by Awol January 31, 2004
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The shit that allowed Clear Channel to systematically take over every radio station in the country, and force crap like Maroon 5 and Britney Spears into our ears over and over and over and over and over...
Me: Shit, nigga... Thanks to the FCC and their deregulation of the airwaves (plus a nice little bribe), Clear Channel has taken over the country and is ruining radio!
by Awol September 21, 2004
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referring an extremely ugly female
derived from "ugg, not another fat chick"
by Awol August 11, 2003
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