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A last name that means from high crime, no dwelling, and shitty hondas. It is usually a brazilian/jewish name that is passed down. To have the name stern also could be struggling in mathematics and biology and either results in very great success, or very bad consequences. There have been only 2 sterns to be successful: Hans Stern (founder of H. Stern jewelers) and Ronny Stern, aka Ronicasa (Current Vice President of H. Stern jewelers). There are a few Sterns that are unfortunate enough and can't say stern, but instead say Shtern, due to a shar lishp.
Arthur: If my name is Arthur Stern, what does my last name really mean?

Macta: Well ur name isnt Ronny or Hans, so I wouldn't count on the whole 'taking over the H. Stern business' to be very likely

Arthur: :(
by AverageJoe477 November 18, 2009

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