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Someone who believes the group to be superior to any one individual. Blindly following a mantra without much thought and at the cost of your own personal reality.
Q:"Are you going to make a choice?"
A: "I don't know, what would so and so X do in this situation?"
Response:"Don't be such a Collectivist and make up your own Damn mind!!"
by Author Stephan Smolka January 01, 2009

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A typo for prostitution
He misspelled prostitution and put prositution in its stead.
by Author Stephan Smolka December 30, 2008

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Smolka's 2nd Law states: Because of the eventual exhausting of resources, the expansion of growth must be stifled.
Smolka's 2nd Law illuminates the fact that taxes and inflation are not the problem but the solution. Compound interest on money, would mean that many more people would become wealthy. As, a preemptive strike, the national debt and collection of taxes insures that, that will never happen.
by Author Stephan Smolka May 26, 2009

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Corollary to Parkinson's Law, where ‘WORK EXPANDS SO AS TO FILL THE TIME AVAILABLE FOR ITS COMPLETION’ but how demand will always expand to meet supply.
Examples of Smolka's Law include but are not limited to: the amount of junk you possess depends on the amount of storage space you have, the number of cars on the road depends on how many roads there are and cheaper, new energy sources to overpopulation.
by Author Stephan Smolka May 25, 2009

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Male and female together as one gender.
While hermaphroditism speaks to the outward appearance of both male and female sex organs, Unisexuality is more about both genders existing at once in the same person.
by author Stephan Smolka February 27, 2010

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A process the subconscious mind uses to take fragmented information and combine into a whole model.
Consolidation is initiated by many methods including dreaming, hypnosis, gestalt therapy and just plain talking out your problem.
by Author Stephan Smolka March 23, 2010

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