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The greatest song ever written by anybody ever. It has the greatest guitar solo ever (especially the live version on "The Song Remains the Same"). That solo is so good that Jimmy Page will make you weep.
- Led Zeppelin sucks
- they wrote Stairway to Heaven, dipshit
- oh yea, i'm gonna go fuck myself now because i have no musical taste
by Augie June 06, 2005
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The male equivelent of camel toe; when a guy's pants are so tight, you can clearly see his penis and testicles bulging out, resulting in a shape that closely resembles the face of an elephant.
If you wear spandex, you will show off some serious elephant face.
by Augie September 07, 2003
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In racquetball, when a ball that was going to be a killshot goes under the buttocks and hits a male player facing the front wall in the back of the testicles, resulting in a testicular motion very similar to the bells on top of a door when you enter a store. Imagine hearing "ding-a-ling-a-lingaling" One of the most painful experiences in sports.
I'm gonna tape my balls to my stomach so I never get hit by a store opener again.
by Augie September 07, 2003
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a word that is actually not a word even though it should be, simply because it sounds like one. it would probably mean something like "to scold; to deprive one of certain things" or some shit like that.
Mike reprehended Jane because Jane spent all Mike's money.
by Augie December 19, 2005
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In football, when a player hits another player so hard, that the player who was hit has snot literally knocked out of his nose. More common in the winter when people tend to have colds. Sometimes called a "slobber knocker".
Wide recievers fear going over the middle, because they're afraid they'll get a snot knocker.
by Augie September 07, 2003
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