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Somone who is into the same sex. Homosexuals are not bad by the way. They are human beings. My best friend is a homosexual male, and very hot. If he wasn't gay I'd date him, because he's not like some of these crazy straight boys around here!
Dan likes Shane so this makes him homosexual, have a nice day.
by Audrey March 03, 2005

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spain / latin america
The official definition is CUNT / PUSSY...
But it's also used instead of the word SHIT
by Audrey June 27, 2004

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A wonderful, crazy, good-looking, funny, witty, lovable person.
I love Kavik because he is soooooo awesome, he is my favorite!!
by Audrey November 17, 2003

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Someone who has strange fetishes like fucking in the middle of the road with your brother or sister covered in cream pie while the horse across the street watches.
Paw and Maw are freaky fuckers cause they be screwing in the field where we just dumped the cow shit.
by Audrey March 03, 2005

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noun. A talented, smart, and all around great person. Can run fast and plays trumpet.
Tamster squirrel is a band geek.
by audrey November 07, 2004

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Gross stuff, adjective, usually describing something, well, nasty.
"Ew don't touch that stuff, it's wargrow."
by audrey October 24, 2002

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a really hot girl who loves to dance, sleaze, and have fun !
omg look at that girl dance, she`s totally a treiste
by audrey August 21, 2004

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