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A self-proclaimed time travelling gypsy charlatan incarnated from the dust of Tankwa Town. She is a woman of arresting beauty and disconcerting radience. She is charming, mischievous, saucy, and has been certified by a team of expert alienists to be completely mad. The diagnosis indicates that on the Standard Spectrum of Madness she lies between a Hatter and a Sack of Cats.

Interestingly studies have shown that her fortune telling is in fact remarkably accurate, implying that while she claims to be a charlatan she is in fact not.
I first encountered Madam Pipi and her accomplice Tipsi Gypsi while strolling along Thomas street in Cambridge in 1664. They invited me to join them for refreshment in a nearby tavern. I awoke several days later to find myself lying in a gutter suffering from a strange alien malady. For a time I was able to perceive sound in the form of light and indeed other invisible vibrations, and vice versa. Also, to my surprise I found I could visualize fluxions in a multi-dimensional space unknown to me yet strangely familiar (Isaac Newton, 1773)
by AtoMick June 09, 2018

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South African slang word for the biggest marble in the game of marbles, ie, the ultimate prize. Used by Krazy Kelly Koitus The KKK to refer to female genitalia, her own in particular.
Krazy Kelly Koitus, giving her crotch a hearty slap : "To get to my goen you have to be able to make me laugh"

Krazy Kelly Koitus "I had to get my mudflaps trimmed, so I went to see the goen doctor"
by AtoMick May 22, 2020

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Krazy Kelly Koitus aka The KKK is a woman who speaks like a runaway train and a machine gun hanging from a rope, "normal" for her is like a civilian on a lot of meth. Once the trigger is pulled, she rapid-fires words, hopping seemlesly between a baffling array of stories which usually span decades.

The experience is far from unpleasant but one learns to keep one's head down.
She is an accomplice of the inimitable Madam Pipi which may explain something
"I'm trying to get hold of Eponymous Rick"
"Why don't you ask The KKK?"
"I haven't got time, dude, I have to get hold of him before the day after tomorrow"
by AtoMick December 26, 2018

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