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A self-proclaimed time travelling gypsy charlatan incarnated from the dust of Tankwa Town. She is a woman of arresting beauty and disconcerting radience. She is charming, mischievous, saucy, and has been certified by a team of expert alienists to be completely mad. The diagnosis indicates that on the Standard Spectrum of Madness she lies between a Hatter and a Sack of Cats.

Interestingly studies have shown that her fortune telling is in fact remarkably accurate, implying that while she claims to be a charlatan she is in fact not.
I first encountered Madam Pipi and her accomplice Tipsi Gypsi while strolling along Thomas street in Cambridge in 1664. They invited me to join them for refreshment in a nearby tavern. I awoke several days later to find myself lying in a gutter suffering from a strange alien malady. For a time I was able to perceive sound in the form of light and indeed other invisible vibrations, and vice versa. Also, to my surprise I found I could visualize fluxions in a multi-dimensional space unknown to me yet strangely familiar (Isaac Newton, 1773)
by AtoMick June 09, 2018
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