South African slang word for the biggest marble in the game of marbles, ie, the ultimate prize. Used by Krazy Kelly Koitus The KKK to refer to female genitalia, her own in particular.
Krazy Kelly Koitus, giving her crotch a hearty slap : "To get to my goen you have to be able to make me laugh"

Krazy Kelly Koitus "I had to get my mudflaps trimmed, so I went to see the goen doctor"
by AtoMick May 22, 2020
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One would be referred to as this when they do something stupid or behave like an idiot
I can't believe you did that! You are such a goen!!
by Klonck July 31, 2018
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Likes racing, basically pro, girls Wana have his babies, bad publicity is good ploblicity all his exes are narcissists, stick it to the man, if ur reading this girl why u so obsessed with me oh oh ohheoo
1. I wish Justin Goen was my man
2. U wish lmao
by Thecoolestholla January 5, 2023
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She so hot like if you went to the hottest planet covered in lava that would still seem cool compared to how hot she is! She taken so fuck off!
Hannah Rose Goen is a goddess and the most amazing girl I could ask bed!
by hahahashepickedme! March 29, 2021
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