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Something A steriotypical Canadian Pirate would say.
First introduced on a flash animation called Claveman on Newgrounds.com

(This definition is not intended to be taken seriously!)
I was quietly walking along and a Canadian Pirte attacked me shouting Arr! Eh?
by Atma Weapon January 13, 2005

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An awesom an, slightly, innovative mmorpg made by what I would rather call squaresoft, not goddang squeenix!

At any rate...
Shiny graphics - Check
Good community, eceonomy, gameplay - Check
Monthly fee - CHECK!!!111!11!!!!
and finally, tradeskill out the butt - check
I play FFXI and I like it OK.

PM my dragoon,warrior,theif,blackmage,redmage named WeaponZero on Fairy server!!!
yes I play on a server named Fairy!!!
by Atma Weapon December 30, 2004

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Like cheese only more awesom because of its ease of use.
OMFG I love to squirt canned cheese into my mouth.
by Atma Weapon December 22, 2004

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