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A distance that can be traveled on foot when drunk. Often stumbling occurs which slows down the process.
Guy 1: Want to go to the pub?

Guy 2: Nah, let's just drink at the sports bar, it is within stumbling distance from my house.
by AtlasRider July 24, 2009

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Using Foursquare to see who has checked into the venue you are at, and then looking around to try and find them.
Square Stalker: *shows friend picture from Foursquare profile on phone*
Normal Friend: What?
Square Stalker: This person is here. Do you see them anywhere?
Normal Friend: Dude stop square stalking, weirdo.
by AtlasRider September 09, 2011

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A play on the word "coattails" where one rides on the success of another's joke. Admiration or praise is shifted from the original joke teller to the joke sniper who is riding on joketails.
Guy: So then I said, "Those aren't buoys!"
Audience: *laughter*
Joke Sniper: That's what she said!
Audience: *increased laughed*
Guy: Dude, quit riding my joketails.
by AtlasRider September 08, 2009

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