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Yet another word for feces.

Perhaps British in origin, as the person who informed of of this word was, and I had never heard about it before that point.

Also see crap, shit, poo, poop, shite, feces, bowel movements, manure, poo-poo, turtle heads, brown baby boys, chocolate pudding, among many other words that make you lose your appetite thinking about them.
He left me a pile of groguns in the toilet, the fucker.
by Asura October 26, 2004

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Someone who is both prudish and square. Its immature sound is deliberate; it may very well be used by younger people, or people who act younger than they are.

It may be a generic insult as well; in other words, the person this is directed to doesn't necessarily need to be a prude nor a square.

British in origin.
"Stop being a prudy square, Neil, and do the shopping!"
by Asura October 26, 2004

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A harsh -albeit immature- generic insult. I guess it's incinuating that the person who this insult is directed to is comparable to something that wriggles around someone's buttocks, licking it (or perhaps the asshole itself) for whatever reason.

British in origin.

It could also imply that the person is a sort of sycophant, ass-kisser, brown-noser, apple-polisher, etc.
"You're nothing but a crawling butt lick, Neil!"
by Asura October 26, 2004

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1) To cruise from party to party for the purpose of smoking and drinking, and doing so for a long period of time; preferably an entire night or even week.
2) To expend all your energy on having sex with a partner.

Origins are found in collecting tributary beers and bong hits, as is customary in the code of hospitality.
"We definitely taxed campus on Spree Day."
by Asura January 21, 2005

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Gay Hampster. Often wearing a kilt and pink earmuffs.
"shut the fuck up skeggy"
by Asura December 01, 2004

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