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Something extremely lame, like, as lame as a 28 year old guy with braces on his teeth and a beard on his face.
Dude, are you going to the Weird Al concert this weekend?

No way man, it's gonna be total beard braces.
by Associate in Charge July 27, 2010

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A person who speaks with an exaggerated drawl, particularly when ordering breakfast food at a restaurant.
Waiter: What can I get you today, miss?
Girl: I'll have the frainch toewwwwwst.
Friend: My God, can you be any more of a Gullett?
by Associate in Charge August 19, 2011

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The hand that you use for masturbating.
Chris: I use my left hand as my nut hand, even though I'm a righty.
Brett: Weirdo. I'm righty and my right hand is my nut hand.
Bri: I can use either hand as a nut hand.
Sarah: I don't have a nut hand.
Ashley: STFU.
by Associate in Charge March 08, 2014

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Someone who is particularly unselfish and giving in the bedroom. Likely to happen only once a year, though not necessarily around christmas time.
My wife was good this year, so I'm going to give her all the sexual presents she wants. Yeah, I'm her sexual santa.
by Associate in Charge March 08, 2014

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