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1. A soldier from Australia or New Zealand. Originally referred only to Gallipoli campaigners, (the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps), then to all World War I soldiers, and later extended to any Aussie or Kiwi soldiers.

2. An Anzac biscuit, Australia's traditional biscuit.
1. The Anzacs were brave young men.

2. Would you like an Anzac with your tea?
by Kelly West June 04, 2005
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The lasting bond between New Zealanders and Australians, forged by joint service in ww1 and ww2.
It has now come to stand for the reletionship between Kiwis and Aussies.
This reletionship is simillar to a brotherly rivalry, and although we seem to 'give each other crap' about everything- should Australia fall victim to catastrophe- New Zealand would lay down her life in aiding her big brother. And like wise in return.

Kiwi: Youre shit
Aussie: no YOURE shit
Kiwi: no YOU are
Aussie: I know you are, I said you are, so what am I?!
Kiwi: dick.
Aussie: so Ill see you later?
Kiwi: Yeah, sweet as. later bro.
Aussie: Seeya.
by Btros July 02, 2006
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Australian New Zealand Army Corps. What the Poms called an 'Expeditionary Force' of young Sh*t Kickers that NZ and AUS sent to WW1. Were commanded by hapless bumbling Englishmen, resulting in massive slaughter, forming lasting bond between NZ & AUS. Luckily the English lifted their game in time for the second WW, slugging it out together for four years before the Yanks finally subbed in and hogged the glory.
by Dave November 24, 2003
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the most scary military force to have ever existed. formed when maori guerilla warfare brutes and auzzi tactical snake eaters came together to kill the turks. we got screwed...... but it wassent our fault. were all friends now.
holy crap thoes maori know how to use trench warfare

did he just eat a dingo

TURKS: they have friken snake venem running through there veins

anzac biscuits are mean yum

what you up to this anzac day
by 536beachlands536 February 14, 2008
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Australian New Zealand Army Corps.... kick the turks ass then went to help those pommy morns and made the germans shit them selvels.... the poms told the australians to wear their slouch hats in the westen front to scare the germans off the ANZAC is a formidable foe
ANZACS: kill the bastards!!!!!!!! (charge over the lines)
Germans "ack iz da ANZACS shnell run away!!!!!!
by 208acu April 25, 2007
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An Australian and New Zealand millitary Coalition. See Digger.

Proof that Australia and New Zealand stick together, in wartime in this case. Thanks to the UK, Lost at Gallipoli, but lost in STYLE. Made our mark as nations in the millitary world there.
by Nielsen December 09, 2006
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In my terms, this isn’t something to be sad of. This, is man. More or a child, around the age of 12 to 14. So you can guess that this CHILD is a Fortniter. But, he’s smart and can do the job done. The flaw is, when escaping Anzac jumps on an ice trap, sliding down a hill, landing on a jump-pad, gliding down to Tiltied Towers, double pumping everyone, and getting the 2nd place Not-Victory Royale.
Person Reading This: But I don’t get this.
The Author: It because your not ANZAC, ok.
Person Reading this: This is fu...
The Author: LANGUAGE!
The Author: Anyways, he’s just a Fortniter. What do you expect?
Person Reading This: Pubg.
Author: I wish too.
*Both leave Anzac alone, still trying to get that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner*
by AsainicAudric November 20, 2018
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