3 definitions by Aronanda

One who suffers from globularism (also known as globitis). To see globularity where there is only linearity.
Niel is such a Globularist, he thinks he's on a spinning ball!
by Aronanda April 26, 2017
The political and cosmological ideology that, through cooperation and collaboration, all things are possible towards a peaceful and prosperous world.
Aaron, the Collabist, makes some very interesting points; he believes that, only through Collabism, will this world find peace.
by Aronanda August 9, 2019
The act of believing century-old assumptions to be scientific laws only because that's what they were told.
Albert, this is Heliocentric Idiocracy, Michelson clearly showed no motion whatsoever.
by Aronanda April 26, 2017