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A person who was born on the 29th of February. So if they were born on the 29/02/2004 they will only be 2 years old now (2012) because it is only the 2nd time it is the 29th of February. They are actually 8 but it only the 2nd time that it is the actual date of their birthday.
Friend: Happy 8th birthday!
Birthday person: Thanks.
Other friend: No he's only 2.
Friend: Why?
Other friend: because its only the 2nd time it is the 29th of February! He's a leapling!
Friend: That's true!
Both friends: Happy 2nd birthday!
by Armoured_Potato March 01, 2012

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When you play computer games so long that your fingers get frozen and/or you can't type properly. This can also mean that your keyboard isn't working.
Friend: Man you've been playing for 3 hours!
You: Yed I jknow
Friend: Dude what was that?
You: I havbe keyboard freeze.
Friend: Go take a break and do some exercise!
by Armoured_Potato April 01, 2012

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Too big.
Girlfriend: I'm hungry! (pulls out packet of crisps)
Boyfriend: WOAH! That packet is oversized! Are you trying to become fat?
Girlfriend: 'SCUSE ME? (Break-up scene follows)
by Armoured_Potato April 04, 2012

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Actions involving effort that most people reading this would not do.
by Armoured_Potato February 21, 2013

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