6 definitions by Aristop

A girl who pretends to be good but is extremely bad.very cute and adorable but likes reshing boys. They like money a lot
That girl is an holico girl
by Aristop March 15, 2021
A girl who likes eating and sleeps a lot.she is noisy but caring.she looks tough on the outside but soft in the inside. She cries a lot.
That rowdy girl is a syte girl
by Aristop March 16, 2021
A boy who has no manners for people.handsome and very funny. He de feel ein body but nothing he get.
He is an adisco boy
by Aristop March 16, 2021
She is very beautiful but dishonest.she is a shy type and she walks a lot .she will save her money even if shes hungry.
She is a merries girl
by Aristop March 16, 2021
A boy who likes skipping class .he is very respectful and kind.he likes borrowing a lot.he never buys things with his money
He is a pj boy
by Aristop March 16, 2021
A jovial and playboy. Likes everything in skirt. Never goes to church. Their source of money is bet
He is an accra aca boy
by Aristop March 14, 2021