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1. A phrase indicating the stupid stuff the over-eager, hand-always-raised-in-class, brown-noser always says in class.
2. The proper name for an over-eager, hand-always-raised-in-class, thinks-they're-so-smart person. This person will ask any inane question or make any pointless comment just so the teacher will notice them, not to find out the answer.
1. "So then the dipshit in the front row was all like 'dur-de-dur'."
2. "I had a killer hangover and this Dur-De-Dur kept droning on an on about the friggin' French-American War."
by Arete April 01, 2009

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Getting screwed over by some info over-share on Facebook, kind of like getting punked but usually not on purpose (and sometimes caused by yourself).
"My friend tagged me on photo making out with some guy at a party and my boyfriend saw it - I've been Zuck'd."
by Arete April 01, 2009

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