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"The Nod" is an act of recognition and respect that is accomplished by raising and lowering your head (nodding)when you see an acquaintance in a public place and you want to show respect for their presence.
In the Movie "Groove" (2000) the guys that run the rave dont do it for money.... they do it for "The Nod."
by Archeo Bob December 16, 2009

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One who is obsessed with achieving goals.
The compulsive behavior of an ambitionist drives them to achieve their next goal as soon as they have reached a goal they had previously set for themselves.
by Archeo Bob November 15, 2009

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When you have one child, he or she exists in your world.

When you have two or more children you exist in their world.
Parenthood with one child is easy....you can take the child with you anywhere.....at any time!

Parenthood with more than one child isn't easy.... it requires planning.... to go anywhere....every time!
by Archeo Bob September 19, 2009

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An adjective that decribes a situation that involves extreme and ongoing drama.
A springeresque life.
by Archeo Bob April 29, 2010

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A physical reaction to sexual intercourse that can occur in both males and females, but is more commonly associated with males. It is characterized by falling asleep and snoring almost immediately after reaching an orgasm.
The climax of sexual intercourse is often followed by a snorgasm.
by Archeo Bob November 10, 2009

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When you enjoy a person's companionship to such a high degree that you can't imagine a better life with anybody else!
When you love somebody, the ease of communication and level of enjoyment attained by spending time with them is so superior to the quality of all past relationships that it seems impossible to believe that any relationship in the future would be better than the current one.
by Archeo Bob October 28, 2009

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The perfect relationship requires three things.....having the best sex, being best friends and having a similar outlook on life.

Even if you have two of the three things, that relationship will not be completely satisfying and probably will not last.
You have the best sex and are best friends but dont have a similar outlook on life.......it's not a perfect relationship and probably will not last!

You are best friends and have a similar outlook on life but dont have the best sex......it's not a perfect relationship and probably will not last!

You have the best sex and have a simlar outlook on life but are not best friends......it's not a perfect relationship and probably will not last!
by Archeo Bob August 23, 2009

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