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1) the second letter of the English alphabet

2) a sound that this letter represents

3) in or for each

4) in some schools, the second highest grade, meaning "good"
5) in music, the seventh tone or note in the scale of C Major
1) "A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z" As you can see, B is the second letter of the Engish alphabet.

2) Sounds like "bee"
6) I got an B on my math test today!

7) Your B string is out of tune.

8) I got a few B's in today's basketball game.
by AntisocialWeeb November 18, 2016

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You will discover the meaning of this word when you click this: Inception
That's some Inception shit right there...
by AntisocialWeeb August 18, 2016

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The Japanese phrase for "Nipples"
Your have some huge chikubi, chichi
by AntisocialWeeb July 28, 2016

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A Minecraft YouTuber thats plays on a popular anarchy server "2b2t"

(Also is very fit and muscle-ly)
lmao fitmc has huge muscles
by AntisocialWeeb July 27, 2016

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a feature within Pokèmon Go that gives you random items such as pokèballs, eggs, potions, ect.
Dude there's a TON of Pokèstops here!
by AntisocialWeeb July 27, 2016

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A page on Reddit dedicated to allowing people to share any interesting video they find on YouTube, ect.
Have you seen the latest post on /r/videos?
by AntisocialWeeb July 05, 2016

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A very cold or frozen hotdog.
Time to warm up the freezedogs!
by AntisocialWeeb March 15, 2018

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