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A person that can either make your life great or turn your life to a disaster.
Homie: What happened to you, bro? Why are you broke?
Dude: My dad went for milk 13 years ago and my momma can't afford a great life. F*ck him
by Anonymousmf123 February 4, 2020
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me like is basically a form of identification. you're out drinking beer? you're you like (me like). you're dealing drugs? you don't need to say you're a plug, just say you're you like (me like). don't know how to identify or describe yourself? it really don't matter, because you're you like (me like)
Person 1: Wow, you're a really bad person
Person 2: Naah, I'm just me like
by Anonymousmf123 May 24, 2020
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stokár, or stokar (plural stokári) is a term used in Slovak language. this term is used for people, generally men who usually live in the projects in Slovakia (sídlisko in Slovak), and they're life is usually harder because they might be working class and struggling, although that doesn't apply to everybody. Some people who just live in the projects and just hang around the streets might be considered a stokár. Stokári (plural) usually hang out around the blocks, hang around the streets, but they don't do much harm other than the fact that they might paint some graffiti, sell drugs or beat yo ass... they are not gangster but definitely influenced by the gang culture and such. this is just a 'basic' explanation or an example... this term is similar with the Russian term "gopnik" or the English term "chav". the term "stokár" is highly connected with hip hop, especially Slovakian hip hop
I saw a couple of stokárov (stokárs) hanging around the block listenin to some trap shit and playing ball
by Anonymousmf123 April 28, 2020
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sídlisko is a Slovak term and it mainly means housing estate or housing project. This term has a ghetto-like feeling to it in Slovakia, but housing projects in Slovakia are way different than projects in the US. These housing projects generally don't have notorious history, and they're usually mixed in social classes, but they're still considered to be 'the hood', especially by the younger people. a lot of rappers from Slovakia come from a sídlisko, and they usually had harder life, but not everybody living in a sídlisko has hard life, in fact, a lot of people in is such a place are living great lives, everything depends on one's living situation
Person 1: hey bro, where does richard live?
Person 2: he lives in sídlisko, Sídlisko III in Prešov
by Anonymousmf123 April 28, 2020
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Sidlisko II is a housing project in Prešov in Slovakia. Its a neighborhood that has people of mixed social classes in it, and it's the place that contains c*nts loud, playing some weird ass music and screaming like a b*tch
Person: Ey where you live?
Person 2: In Sidlisko II
Person: Oh yeah, its pretty good if you aint broke, but the loud c*nts should get confronted
by Anonymousmf123 May 15, 2020
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Just another housing project in Prešov in Slovakia. if you mind your own business and don't go to the wrong corner in the night, nothing will happen to you
Person 1: Last night I was walking through the night in Sidlisko III and saw some drug dealers, i ran so fast
Person 2: you're ass
by Anonymousmf123 May 17, 2020
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