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A person that illegally grooms people on the internet, basically a sex offender
Lucas is a groombaker
by AnonDoxy August 30, 2017
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Jamaicans took dried meat - jerky (or jerk for short), they added it to Asian rice, and gave it an name using English, they called it Jerk Rice.
Jamaicans having since ate it for a few centuries now accuse anyone non-Jamaican/non-black whom uses it as culturally appropriating it
jerk rice is not Jamaican.
by AnonDoxy August 20, 2018
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Reasonable steps taken by a Jew to avoid hiring a non-Jew.
Anti-gentile business owners don't have gentile staff as they do their Jew Diligence.
by AnonDoxy January 25, 2019
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A manipulative person on twitter that will on a daily basis heart most if not every tweet you do in an attempt to gain your attention and to win favouritism with you in the hope that they can personally benefit from this situation in some way.
This is done by two types of person -

A user: A person that is trying to make a name for themself on twitter, trying to become popular, say promoting their youtube channel on twitter; they're trying to gain lots of followers and they want lots of people to retweet them so they regularly heart all the tweets of popular accounts in the hope that account will follow them and also return the favor by retweeting one of the heartfags tweets; the HeartFag hopes that the followers of the account they targeted will then also follow and retweet the HeartFag as well.
Once the HeartFag has achieved their goal they stop hearting their targets tweets and also often unfollow the account they had targeted.

An adult groomer: A guy trying to get a hot women's attention and to win favoritism with her; the continuous hear ring of the targeted woman's account is a precursor to the guy later direct messaging the women and proceeding to groom her in the hopes she will eventually give him nude pictures off herself.
Mark is a HeartFag.
by AnonDoxy July 13, 2018
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When a person continually hiccups for an excessive period of time, such as hiccuping for many hours or days.
I put way too much ground black pepper in my soup and it made me hiccup for days, I did a three day long hiccupathon!
by AnonDoxy December 17, 2018
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When the orthodox jewish ostracize a Jewish member of their community because the person is mentally or physically disabled.
Jews have spread across the world in part due to jewgenics.
by AnonDoxy November 14, 2018
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