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A syndrome had by people who don't get out the house much and have most of their conversations over the internet or text. People with this syndrome will start a conversation with someone, and proceed to get mad when they are not immediately replied to. They will constantly check to see if you reply and send you more messages if you do not.
John: Dude, Phil has a serious case of shut-in syndrome.
Sam: Why man?
John: Because. He texted me over 10 times in 2 minutes because I wouldn't reply to him.
Sam: He needs to get out the house more.
by Anon Y. Mous 74 April 09, 2012

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The act of being with a person who is trying to comfort another person when you have no real reason to be there. You are not helping in the act, though you originally intended to. You appear to just be a random person sitting next to someone who is trying to emotionally comfort another.
My friend James was comforting some girl because she had a fallout with her boyfriend. I was gonna help comfort her too, but he kinda took over. I felt like I was an emotional third wheel and left them to their talking and cuddling session.
by Anon Y. Mous 74 October 06, 2013

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A pormaneau of bro and crush. May denote a male identifying individual that another male has a romantic interest in, or just a guy that you think is hella dope.
I totally have a brush on Kai. He's dope as fuck.
by Anon Y. Mous 74 April 08, 2017

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Describes a girl who is both hot and crazy. More specifically, 50% hot and 51% crazy. It doesn't add up. Most times, they are to be avoided. But, sometimes they are acceptable to be around or date.
Mark: dude, check out that girl over there. She's so hot.
James: I wouldn't mess with her. She's a 51/50.

Mark: what are you talking about?
James: she's 50% hot, but 51% crazy. Doesn't add up. I would steer clear.
by Anon Y. Mous 74 December 22, 2011

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