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A computer software company that specializes in making bloated, slow, and pathetically overpriced software, especially for graphics. Some software titles include:

Photoshop: A powerful, but slow, poorly designed and made, and too overpriced for anyone to really consider buying. Download it.

Acrobat: A standard Adobe is trying to force on everyone. A slow, bulky, and pathetic program. Many OTHER programs let you create PDF's for free.
"Hey I just paid $700 for Adobe Photoshop!"
"Wow you got ripped, you can get it online for free if you know where to look."
by Annorax October 24, 2004

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An adhesive piece of plastic that, when applied to a medium, increases it's speed. The affect is cumulative, hence more Type R stickers, the faster the medium will be. Often used in conjunction with cheap 14' plastic hubcaps, cheap purple tint, dorky wing spoiler, and fart pipe exhaust.

Frequently used by those who have a cheap slow Japanese economy car and wish it to compete with Ferrari's.

The affect works on cars, as well as computers, bicycles, and people.
"Yo dat be dope yo! That type r sticker adds 15hp to yo Civic DX automatic brotha! Let's go street racin'!"

"Maybe you need some more type r stickers, ricer!" from a Mustang (aka a real car) driver
by Annorax October 24, 2004

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