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Shagrath's real name is Stian Thoresen. He is the lead vocalist of the band Dimmu Borgir. He's sexy, intelligent and artistic. Need I say more?
by Annabelle November 25, 2004
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Amy Lee is the vocalist of the rock band Evanescence. She can also play the piano.

She sounds pretty good on studio (such as on her album Fallen), but she sings badly live; in the studio, she is able to drag out notes and always stay on key. Live, she needs to take breaths to often, sings off key now and then, and is overall flat. Thus, she's not too good of a vocalist, and that's probably one of the reasons Ben Moody, the band's original lead guitarist, left in 2003. She also needs to get her head out of the celebrity toilet and allow her other band members some publicity.
An okay celebrity, though fame is getting to her head, despite she needs to improve her voice.
by Annabelle November 20, 2004
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The keyboardist of the band Dimmu Borgir. His real name is Øyvind Johan Mustaparta. He's incredibly sexy, talented and intelligent. He also looks like a young Shagrath.
One of the hottest men alive. He's cute, too.
by Annabelle November 25, 2004
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Loyal honest person , very reliable and dependable! Loves to have fun and explore the world , don’t tolerate bs from NOBODY ! Loves the Lord !
Ricole is the type of person I will love to hang with
by Annabelle May 5, 2018
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black finger nails is wen finger nails are painted black...
this will happen wen a person likes the colour black...
it doesn't mean the person is a goth or emo!!!
me:changing song to some nirvana on mp3 player
gay,fuckwit,chav:Are you a goth??
me: Why??
gay,fuckwit,chav: You must be...you have black finger nails...
me: walks away blissfully having Kurt Cobain singing in my left ear =
by Annabelle June 19, 2006
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Blessed Sacrament has some of the sweetes, caring people ever. However, there are some bss students who aren't. You shouldn't judge us on what are classmates do. There are some of us who aren't annoying valley girls.
bss student-like totally for sure!
2nd bss student- i just got a manicure!!
3rd bss student- stop being weird
by Annabelle May 7, 2005
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Probably the greatest
literature and movies known to mankind. J.R.R. Tolkien was the literary Einstein, and probably always will be. Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord Of The Rings movies, is one of the greatest directors to ever walk this Earth.

The Lord Of The Rings trilogy is divided into three parts.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

People like to compare The Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter. It's really quite funny, and it's fun to laugh at people who do that, seeing as how the only thing the two series have in common is that magic exists in both worlds that the two stories take place in. Otherwise, they have nothing in common characterwise, the plotlines are not similar whatsoever, and not even the monsters/creatures that are in the stories are similar. Usually people who compare Harry Potter to The Lord Of The Rings have barely read one series or the other at all.

To the people who constantly compare Harry Potter to The Lord Of The Rings - do humanity a favor and shut the fuck up and pull your head out of your ass, and realize that since you are a mere civilian and basically have no way of making any books and/or movies, you can't do shit about whatever series - that you probably haven't read - you're pissed off about. Thank you.
The Lord Of The Rings is the best literature known to humanity.
by Annabelle August 4, 2004
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