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When someone pretends to be about to do something, and another person challenges them to actually do it.

Originally from poker, when someone acts like they have good cards and their opponent makes them prove it.

The aim of a bluff is to scare or intimidate someone. The use in poker is so that an opponent will quit the round.
He said he was about to leave her forever, in an effort to make her jealous, but she called his bluff and made him leave.

I've always wanted to call a bluff, and I got my chance when the student told me his dog had died. His mother said they had never owned an animal.
by AnkhianMorePork October 31, 2011

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Someone who sends shitloads of emails to all their friends. It's like Inbox-happy but from the other angle.
An email-happy person clogs up your inbox with stupid short messages or links to viral videos.
She is such an email-happy moron, she really pisses me off. Last week she sent me the same email three times, and they were about sandwiches.
by AnkhianMorePork November 04, 2011

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Stands for "Please Reply With Haste"
Something usually added to the ends of important emails or letters.
Dear Mrs Norris,
We've found a box that may belong to you. However, due to a mistake in booking, the box is being forwarded to London. PRWH if the box is yours.
The Post Office
by AnkhianMorePork February 29, 2012

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Someone who obsessively checks their email inbox. They check their email every few minutes or seconds.
I check my email so often, I'm pathetically inbox-happy.
by AnkhianMorePork November 04, 2011

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Originally a joke shop in Terry Pratchett's Discworld, run by a witch.

1- An item from joke shop

2- The things that people expect to see, the thing that makes a witch seem real. An illusion.
"I bought a Boffo Cauldron today."

"People expect a witch to have bad skin and warts, but she has a lovely complexion, so she has to order warts from Boffo."

"Boffo intimidates people and makes people respect you. Otherwise, they won't take you seriously."
by AnkhianMorePork October 31, 2011

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