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"imbahax" is a hybrid of the words "imba" and "hax". It is a paradox since hax is already imba. Saying, "imbahax", simply implies that someone is using hax or you sarcasticly say it to make someone feel like an idiot.
Using it to imply someone is using hax:
John: ZOMG, imbahax, htf did you kill our whole team?

Using it in a sarcastic manner to make someone look like a noob:
Player1: wtf how did you kill me so quickly?
by AniMality April 11, 2008

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A combination of breakfast and dinner, much like 'brunch' (breakfast and lunch).
A classic example of Brinner is bacon and ice-cream.
"Yesterday I had chicken and waffles for dinner."

"DAMN DUDE!! You got Brinner!"
by AniMality April 16, 2008

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What nerds say when they mock other nerds.
That guy is such a boff!
by AniMality January 06, 2009

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