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Balzong, is a typo, which was meant to be Blazing...but after blazing, it is easy to mistype and then laugh really hard at the typo in question...is also used as a handle for games. =|AOUD|=Balzong*^ alts include zong zonger balz.
Yeah man, i was outside balzong with some friends.

or balzong just pwned me like wtf
by Andrew Corr May 06, 2006
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a girl, who usually pwns at counter-strike unless met by a zong lux or unholycheese.
omg cookie pirate just ninja'd me, sneaky pirates.
by Andrew Corr April 23, 2006
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is when you are playing pool, and you sink the 8 ball, 8 games in a row.
LMAO. They are pulling a sarah again!
by Andrew Corr April 06, 2008
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