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A Hitler is when you stick your finger up your ass, and smeer the shit on there upper lip, while either asleep, sadated or unconcoisus on your kitchen floor
"has that little boy not noticed that he has a hitler on his lip"
"Yeah I gave this kid a hitler while he was ODing on mesciline"
by Andrew Ricardo May 01, 2006

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A Body or Character, that exsists in the book 1984, who is said to be watching every citizen at any given moment in the state of oceanina, in order to keep to control of the governmental Party, it makes sure no-ones doing anything rather naughty, however this dystopian Character is pretty cool idea, Dutch People decided to take a massive shit on Mr orwell, and name a show after it, and fill the "big brother" house, full of social degenrates, Who either sit around, do fuck all, make a mess, or masturbate with strange looking objects, a great way to inprove the sellabillty of the show would be to scatter many weapons about the house, last man standing eats. the show being quite ironic as it being, because it destracts viewers from atcully thinking, being what the real concept of big brother was trying to do.
Me-"did you hear"
Me-"Orwell didn't die of TB,He Atcully shot himself in the head when he heard about the show big brother"
You-"he died in 1946"
Me-"oh........well he had a time machine"
by Andrew Ricardo May 23, 2006

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A Bland irish Musician in the band U2, who helps third world countries, yet also stars in apple ads, to help just make that trade margin between the rich countries and the poor countries just that little bit larger, but dispite that little minor hypocrisy there, bono has daft looking glasses,is incredibly pietistical and writes not necessarly talentless music, but has the keen ability to write the same song, over and over again, and Just for anyone goes "your stupid bono isn't self rightous....", and i quote from the golden oldy of a rocker, "I don't know why, but we always had this belief that there was something sacred about our music, that it was almost holy.".
Bono's amazing lyric writting skills " Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

by Andrew Ricardo May 04, 2006

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A decent Band, with good musicains,ok songs, and sour sounding lyrics, they are quite good, but heavly over rated, there nothing that new, to music, yet everyone seems to beleive so, its just melodic indie\garage, with sheffield accents and spots,also drink fosters, honestly who drinks fosters anyway.
NME-"the arctic monkeys are the best thing to happen to music since the smiths, or the beatles"
Me-"just no"
by Andrew Ricardo May 23, 2006

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