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(Ass-kytt-uhns) n. 1. A term reflective of a situation in which something good comes out of a bad situation. Ass-kittens is generally used as the thing that is positive when it comes from a bad situation.
"Social and economic awareness were the ass-kittens of 9/11."
by AnVillain July 20, 2009

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(chest-b'o'-ner) n. 1. An erection usually found near or around the prominent upper chest of a human aged from 5-40 years of age. 2. An insult expressing ones inferior masculinity complex and their means of coping. Their appearance is hostile and defensive, and they constantly try to prove their masculinity and act as though they wear their "boner" on their chest. 3. Any negative situation or person. When used in play it is harmless and inoffensive.
"Did you see that jock tryin' to look manly? He was being such a chestboner."

"In an attempt to impress a girl, the effeminate 17-year-old boy puffed out his chest, put a bundled-up sock in his underpants, and proceded to insult her current boyfriend. What a chestboner."
by AnVillain July 20, 2009

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(Ass-buhttz) n. 1. Used as blatant redundancy to prove unnecessary terminology. 2. A negative nick-name.
When one says something of ill-intellect such as: "You're the most awesomest person I've ever met!". That is the equivalent of saying "most most awesome". At this point, one could say "Stop bein' such an ass-butt".

"Dude, you know those people who say "Irregardless"?
Those guys are such ass-butts"
by AnVillain July 20, 2009

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