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The mispelled for Jimmy Eat World that will make the name "Kimmy" look cooler.
Person A:"Hey do u know Kimmy Eat World?"

Person B:"Wtf ?"

Person A:"oh f*** my keyboard.. i ment Jimmy Eat World"

Person B:"nice one."
by An0nymous..... June 7, 2009
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So shit, BustedPosters are as lame as BustedTees.
No win.
See also Fail
When i first saw those bustedposters ads, i thought Urban Dictionary got hacked by lame jokas
by An0nymous..... June 7, 2009
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A clothing company which ads are for redhed lovers.

A clothing company which tees are shit as fuck.

A clothing complany that doesnt know what the word "jokes" mean.

Urban Dictionary's only ad.
Person A: "Hey have u seen those bustedtees girls on UD ?"
Person B: "Yeh i'd hit it"
Person A: "Hum yeh but their shirts are not SILF..." (SILF for Shirt i'd like to fuck)
Person B: "rofl"
by An0nymous..... June 7, 2009
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A kick-a$$ American sketch comedy show which originally ran on the Fox Network from April 15, 1990 to May 19, 1994. Brothers Keenen and Damon Wayans created, wrote, and starred in the program. The show was produced by Ivory Way Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television. Other members of the Wayans family—Kim, Shawn and Marlon—had regular roles, while brother Dwayne frequently appeared as an extra.

The show strove to produce comedy with a strong emphasis on Black subject matter. Its groundbreaking sketch comedy helped launch the career of male comedians and actors Jim Carrey (one of only two white members of the original cast, then credited as "James Carrey"), Jamie Foxx (a future Academy Award winner who joined the cast in the third season) and David Alan Grier (an established character actor who had worked in Keenen Ivory Wayans' 1988 motion picture I'm Gonna Git You Sucka). Its Fly Girl dance troupe helped launch careers of future actress/singer Jennifer Lopez (who joined the show in its third season), choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, choreographer Carrie Ann Inaba (who was a Fly Girl from 1990 to 1992), and future Academy Award Nominee Rosie Perez (the show's choreographer 1990 to 1992).
Jake: "I remember when I was watching In Living Color back in da days... It was awesome"
Jason: "Yeah! In Living Color pwned"
by An0nymous..... June 7, 2009
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vet: "Dude, i can't understand why u still using IE..."
noob: "Microsoft built it man! MICROSOFT!!"
vet: "Yeh and it's a fail. You should use ffox man."
by An0nymous..... June 8, 2009
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