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The Worst AFL team in history. If your interested in becoming a weagle come try out our clinic!
We will tell you: what drugs will improve your stamina for those big games, all the wrong times to use bad language, how to insult someone in the lowest form, to go to rehab and promise to stop the drug addiction and getting the charges dropped plus much more!!
One of my friends went to the west coast eagles clinic.
by Amanda Pereira November 21, 2007
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the feeling you get when your in high school and notice the opposite sex. You get butterflies in you stomach and feel that you two should belong together.
I have a teen crush on Billy from my English class :]
by Amanda Pereira November 20, 2007
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a woman who won't go down on her knees and open her mouth.
That bitch didn't get down on her knees so i bashed her up and raped her tight ass pussy instead.
by Amanda Pereira November 21, 2007
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