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adj. (1) The fear of being caught fapping. The fear that someone near you is a fapper or fapping.
(1)My fear of being discovered jerking off makes me fapprehensive.(2) The person(s) calm attitude to touching themselves in public, makes me fapprehensive.
by Altur-Goldenmean August 14, 2012
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Inability to leave anything alone, be it electrical, plumbing, cooking, or discussion; even though they are not skilled professionally in the subject.
(1)The TV picture is fine; quit being such a Tweaking Tom! (2) You think you're a Jack-of-all-trades, but you're just a Tweaking Tom!! (3) You have no understanding of the situation; don't be a Tweaking Tom and stay out of it!!!
by Altur-Goldenmean August 22, 2012
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Product used to reduce chafing(chapping) and swelling caused by too much or too intense schlicking(female fapping).
(1)I rubbed myself raw; I need some chapschlick.(2)I need to buy some chapschlick; I'm spending the weekend with myself.
by Altur-Goldenmean August 15, 2012
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abbreviation. Stands for Free And Personal. The ultimate definition of fapping; it cost nothing(Free), and you're usually by yourself(Personal).
I'm done doing for others; it's F.A.P. time.
by Altur-Goldenmean August 15, 2012
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