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"Not the" are two words that, once followed up by a clause, call out something or someone. Usually, it's in a comedic sense but can and is used with negative or serious intention. The 'the' is replaceable for names, words like 'y'all', pronouns, and other verbs.

Although its not quite clear where "not the" orginates from, it's mostly commonly used on Tiktok and Twitter.
Mike sends a picture of himself in a clown costume to his friend, Paul. In the background of the picture there's his dog, also wearing a clown costume.

Paul, noticing this, texts him 'Not the dog lmao' to commend his efforts.
by Almapie* April 26, 2021
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"Go outside" (commonly paired with 'and touch the grass' or 'and pick up a football') is a phrase that's used against a person when they're defending, promoting or doing something that's illogical, weird, or immoral. The phrase itself suggests that the person in question is closeted or dissociated from reality and that they need to go outside and step away from the internet in order to realize what they're fighting for/doing isn't a big deal, is gross, or just completely stupid.
I think everyone, regardless of political or moral standing, can agree that some people really, REALLY, need to go outside.
by Almapie* December 25, 2020
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Acronym for the murder mystery visual novel Your Turn To Die, (otherwise known as Kimi Ga Shine: Tasuketsu Death Game), made by Nankidai.
YTTD is a free murder mystery visual novel that is available to on browser and to download. The game follows our protagonist, Sara Chidouin, getting stuck in a bizarre death game arranged by a mysterious organization. And sadly, all she and her allies can do to come out alive is to play along.

As of now, (June 24, 2020), the game has 3 chapters and is planning to update soon.
by Almapie* June 24, 2020
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