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A person who wears tight pants to emphasise his crotch buldge.
A Ms. Adrion is usually a mind-raping Teacher. She is usually cynical and sarcastic. Ms. Adrions usually live with their moms and twin brothers and adore attention. When in class, Ms. Adrions adore making little girls cry. When the little girls are equipt with nice boobs, Ms. Adrions usually enjoy their company more than other students.

Ms. Adrions like expensive clothing, and drive around in nice BMWS. Usually found in Staten Is.

Ms. Adrions are usually very good looking. It is debated on whether they are gay or not, or just simply metrosexual. But one things for sure, They defiantely wax their arms.

Ms. Adrions usually have an attraction for girls with any form of the name sofiya. These include Sofiya, Sophia, Sofie, Sonya (though rare) and even Zoe. But zoes are not usually found around Ms. Adrions.

Ms. Adrions will bite if approached without caution, if the approacher makes rapid movements, if their extremely stupid and if frightened.

The scientific name for a Ms. Adrion is Assholisis Adrioniosis Colleneosis Pedofilis.
"Dude, she just made that little girl cry!"
"Yea, a Ms. Adrion for sure!"
by Ally to Good! Nightmare to you August 31, 2016

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